Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Saga Of Carl Jasek

Things have been quiet between ORCA's Rick Olney and member Carl Jasek since last we reported on them. For months Rick has been promising Carl packages of comics that were supposed to be given freely to ORCA members, as well as comics Carl won in ORCA sponsored contests.

See our past posts here:

As our coverage showed, Carl received none of the items promised to him. Rick Olney himself commented on one of our blogs trying to refute our posts.

Rick Olney stated on July 24, 2012:

He's also got a couple contest awards here to be mailed (as of this date) which looks like will mail in a couple days to him.

Here is a screen shot of a Facebook exchange between Rick and Carl today, August 22, 2012.

It looks like those packages Rick claimed would be mailed, "in a couple days." a month ago still haven't been sent. 

You may ask yourself why we report on this matter about ORCA and comics? 

The contests Carl won were over 3 months ago. The promised free comics over 5 months ago. 

If you are an aspiring artist or writer and Rick Olney comes to you, promising to pay you for comic book work. Remember Carl and how long he has waited and how many promises of things being mailed in a couple days. Then ask yourself one question.

Is it fact or fiction?

Comment with what you believe or add any new information to help us judge.

It was pointed out to us that Carl did in fact receive some comics in March 2012. The conversation can be read in full at this link. 

It has Carl thanking Rick for the comics, it also is the beginning of promises made for other items which have yet to arrive.

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