Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rick Olney 06/27/1954 to 12/28/2012

Rick Olney passed away on December 28, 2012.

I offer condolences to his family.

Rick Olney Obituary

Friday, November 2, 2012

All Aces Entertainment: A Success Or Failure?

I recently was asked if there was anything new going on with Rick Olney's All Aces Entertainment.

Looking at their forum: All Aces Entertainment Forum

There are 375 members and 2360 posts. That seems like a great success...

...until you realize 369 of those members are spam bots and they've made 2342 of those posts. Rick hasn't posted in months and the last real member joined in July.

Looking at their Facebook page: All Aces Entertainment Facebook

There are 53 members. Of which only a handful ever post. The last post was made almost a month ago, it received no replies.

Looking at their blog: All Aces Universe

Only 3 posts have ever been made (Though one has been removed so 2 exist) The last post was made October 4, 2012 with big promises of what was to come.

I hope that helps answer your question if All Aces Entertainment is a success or failure.

Comment with what you believe or add any new information to help us judge.

Less than 1 hour after the last entry was posted, the All Aces Entertainment forum disappeared. Clicking the link now takes you to a page not found error screen.

Using this link All Aces Website you can see everything else remains up, only the forum has mysteriously been removed. I wonder why?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Opening An Online Storefront

A little something different today than normal. A quick word of free advice.

If you happen to own an Entertainment company and you've decided to sell back issues of comics on your website, be careful how you acquire them. It takes a lot of knowledge and if you just have get rich quick schemes in mind you may be sorely out of luck.

For instance, buying comics on eBay and trying to flip them is a risky way. I know of someone, a real loser of a guy who created an eBay account in July of this year. They've already won 37 auctions. Looking through the auctions, I noticed that first off they really got hosed on shipping. Win a $3 Silver Age book? Great. Had to pay $19.99 in shipping? Heh, heh... sad for you. So make sure you know how much they are charging for shipping before you bid.

When he starts to try and sell those books, (he's waiting until next year) he's going to have to sell it for much more than it's worth if he has any hope of making his money back. Now how would he do that?

Well knowing him, he'll lie about the quality of the book. He'll take that Very Good book and claim it's a Fine+. Don't do that! It's fraud. How will someone know you are messing with the condition ratings? Well there could be someone like me who has written down the 37 auctions this guy has won, the prices he paid and the noted conditions. So when he starts his online storefront next year, I'll know if he's honest or a liar.

If you don't want to be like this loser, the key is research. Find out what books are selling well and look for auctions that are on the low end of price but have a chance of being resold. Don't just buy random issues. That issue of Challengers of the Unknown you pay $24.99 for is going to be really hard to make money on.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Freedom 3 - Spring 2013?

In what I am sure is just a total coincidence, a day after I left a comment on Rick Olney's "All Aces Universe" blog, Rick updated with new information.

Rick Olney stated on October 4, 2012:

I am very pleased and proud to share that Mariano de la Torre will be penciling a three issue limited edition origin series on Eagle, Globe, and Anchor of Freedom 3 set to premiere spring of next year.  Mariano will be sitting down to an interview to be featured on the All Aces website before January. It has been a pleasure getting to know him and I'm looking forward to how he'll define the Freedom 3 characters each in their own issue. 

Another part of my fun summer was getting to share and talk to Mariano on all the intricacies to the characters.  If this piece of art (above) on Globe is any indication -- Freedom fans won't be disappointed!  Also on this book is:  Inks by Josef Rubinstein; Colors by Matt Webb; Lettering by Jason Dube. 
All Aces Universe Blog - The Summer Was Terrific

It's of interest to me that Rick has claimed not to have the funds to make a newsletter for his club of less than 50 members. He also does not have the funds to ship the various comics and shirts that have been promised to his membership over the last 6 months. Yet he's apparently been able to pay for a 3 issue comic series.

Mariano de la Torre is an artist from Barcelona, Spain who doesn't seem to have any credits in North American comics. Still, I doubt he would pencil 3 issues for a small amount. Joe Rubinstein and Matt Webb have a long list of credits at Marvel, DC and other publishers and wouldn't come cheap. Jason Dube owns his only publishing company.

Maybe Rick will step up and explain that discrepancy here?

Will Freedom 3, a book 7 + years in the making come out in 2013? What about Magnus Grimoire, Tales of the Spooky and the never named other comic book series previously announced as in the works? Will they also still be published and how are they being paid for?

Is it fact or fiction?

Comment with what you believe or add any new information to help us judge.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rick Olney Still Trying To Sell Indiana Jones Maps

A new post by Rick Olney at the ORCA Facebook page.

Rick Olney stated on September 24, 2012:

Indiana Jones Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Maps by Artist Matt Busch, gifted to Rick Olney for the purposes of selling to benefit Veteran charity. Original print run was 250. Still plenty available! Limit 2 per customer, first come first serve. cost is $59.95 includes shipping & handling costs, along with signed receipt upon delivery. 

As of January 1, 2013 the cost on these maps will increase to $75.00 each. 

If interested, email me at:

Matt Busch states that Rick Olney does not have the right to sell these maps. We have covered this story repeatedly. You can read more about this story at any of these links.

Invited Readers "Olney"

Indiana Jones Map - Setting The Record Straight

Indiana Jones Map And Rick Olney... Again.

BleedingCool: When A Doctor Tries To Order An Indiana Jones Map From Rick Olney

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ORCA, Fresh, All Aces & Carl Jasek Updates

A big day for updates in the world of Rick Olney.

ORCA member Carl Jasek asked Rick Olney at the official ORCA Facebook page what was new with ORCA and it's newsletter Fresh. This is the reply he received.

Rick Olney stated on September 19, 2012:
I had an issue in the works a few months back and the interview fell through with a writer that I had long supported. Unfortunately, derailed the entire project and with the state of the economy I decided to place it on a back burner on low simmer. 

A project like Fresh needs a couple writers and people helping to give it substance. As yet, nobody has stepped forward. The ALL ACES website will take over ORCA totally in January with a new face, rules and format. That is as much as I can share. 

Facebook has not been fair and may face a challenge once this national election period and ORCA's election is out of way. That is as much as I can share at present other than I have books, t-shirts, and other swag to mail out and I'm getting to it as soon it can be afforded.

Short answers:

The ORCA newsletter Fresh never happened.

The All Aces website will take over ORCA Facebook page in January?

The books, shirts and "swag" Carl Jasek has been waiting some 6 months for still have not been sent. Even though Rick last promised a month ago they were "a couple days" from being sent. Now they will be sent when Rick can afford it.

No mention of the comic book line Rick has stated All Aces Entertainment will be publishing. If the economy is so bad that it will not allow Rick Olney to put out a newsletter, I wonder how he's paying "known artists" to create 3 different comic books?

What do you think of this latest update? A source tells me Rick comes here often which isn't a surprise if you know Rick. Post a comment and maybe he'll answer here since his blogs and website are so heavily moderated.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

All Aces Universe - Another Olney Blog

Over the years, Rick Olney has been known to create many different blogs and websites. Often they get deleted or shut down.

At last count, Rick Olney had 6 active sites. Now make that 7. It will remain to be seen if that's lucky.

All Aces Universe is the newest blog Rick Olney started. As of now it has only one entry written on August 12, 2012.

The article, "First Steps: The Crawling Stage" rehashes some old history around the failed publication of Freedom 3. Rick also takes shots at Rich Johnston and Michael Dean. He ends the post by promising All Aces will be publishing three titles, (Freedom 3, Tales of the Spooky and an unnamed title) one of which is supposed to be drawn by Joe Rubinstein.

Comments are moderated so I don't suppose you could ask Rick any questions there but you may want to try.